TinkerBen is a boy-genius engineer who teams up with his robo-dog pal, Motor, and his talented friends to help out the friendly folk of Wowtown, using cool gadgets, ingenuity and imagination!

Count on your friend, TinkerBen! No matter what the problem — a rocket-swiping monkey, a farmer’s flock gone astray, or a lost dino on the loose — TinkerBen has limitless inventiveness and a team of specially-skilled friends to help solve it. For TinkerBen and his team of tiny but talented technicians every challenge becomes an incredible adventure!

TinkerBen and Motor

Full STEAM ahead! Exploring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) professions in a kid-relatable way, TinkerBen, and his best friends: AstroNiki, the bold astronaut; ArchiTan, the precision builder; and DesigNira, the amazing artist, use their specific skillsets, creativity, cooperation, and teamwork to get the job done.

Time for a Tinker Team-Up! Each episode, TinkerBen and Motor race to the rescue, collect all the info they need, hit on a brilliant fix with the help of a friend with special abilities and training, and design a solution to save the day! And, of course, TinkerBen and his friends make you laugh and cheer you up, along the way!





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