Om Nom Stories

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Tin­ker­Ben and Motor. Metaxilasis Animated Studio
Tin­ker­Ben and Motor. Metaxilasis Animated Studio

Tin­ker­Ben and Motor

Comedy, adventure, 2D, 11’ x 26 eps
Princes play time. Metaxilasis animated studio

Princess Playtime

Comedy, 2D, 2’30’’ x 52 eps
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Comedy, action, adventure, 3-5
2D, 3’45” x 230 eps
Comedy, adventure, 3+
2D, 11’ x 26 eps
2D, 60''
Comedy, 0+
2D, VR-360, 2’20’’
Comedy, adventures, 3+
2D, 26x7'
Comedy, 3-5
2D, 2’30’’ x 52 eps
2D, 20''

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    Netflix picks up ZeptoLab’s Om Nom Stories
    Disney+ To Stream ‘Om Nom Stories’ Later This Year
    Om Nom Stories to launch on Disney+ in Europe in Q4 2024
    Srpska animacija osvaja Dizni kanal
    Kompanija Dizni kupila je prava za međunarodno prikazivanje domaćeg serijala „Om Nom Stories“ za svoju platformu Disney+.
    Srpska animacija osvaja Dizni kanal: Kompanija kupila dečji serijal „Om Nom Stories“
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