Om Nom Stories

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Tin­ker­Ben and Motor

We will pitch the project in Toulouse
Tin­ker­Ben and Motor. Metaxilasis Animated Studio
Tin­ker­Ben and Motor. Metaxilasis Animated Studio
Cartoon Forum. Metaxilasis Animated Studio

Princes Playtime

Coming soon
Princes play time. Metaxilasis animated studio
Princes play time. Metaxilasis animated studio

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Metaxilasis is a place of 2D animated wizardry

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This is where witty cartoon series get developed and released to capture the hearts and minds of children around the world.

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• Develop and produce animated series
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Om Nom Stories

This 230-episode long, character-driven comedy series for pre-school children was successfully pushed worldwide through various video platforms.
min each
years old

Princes Playtime

This recent creation of our studio, a character-driven series about a bossy little Princess will bowl over any pre-schooler out there.
min each
years old
Comedy, action, adventure, 3-5
2D, 3’45” x 230 eps
Comedy, 3-5
2D, 2’30’’ x 52 eps

About us


We are an ambitious independent animation studio located in Belgrade. Founded by two producers with years of animation background and heaps of awards behind them, Metaxilasis attracts and inspires the best talent to handcraft every piece of work that sees the world.

We have a track record of producing internationally successful shows and gripping ads from a humble first concept to great final execution. Our love for storytelling and craft permeates everything we do, ensuring that we work seamlessly across teams, briefs and timezones.

Dmitry Gorbunov

CEO, Executive producer Co-founder of Metaxilasis

Arthur Merkulov

Artistic director
Co-founder of Metaxilasis
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